Wheee I’m a giant

Posted by admin on May 22nd, 2011 filed in Healthy-ish

(Context: The GCC Walking Challenge web portal adds up the daily step count of your team, loosely converts it to km, and shows on an aerial view how far you would have walked if this were a relay. The game started in New Zealand and zigzags from continent to continent. Everyday when we come to work, each team member enters yesterday’s step count, and then we check the map to see “how far” we got compared to the other teams.)

Day two of the Walking Challenge: I set out on an early evening walk. I’m positively surprised that zigzaging through a park for an hour racks up a metric a** ton of steps! Back at my place, I sit down for a moment and retrace my steps on the city map.

It strikes me that the grass is very green and the rock is a darkgreyish blue I never noticed before. I stride across the landscape like a giant, cross marshes like puddles, and casually look over a mountain ridge. I pull myself up a steep mountain by holding on to a waterfall — Wait. A. Second…

This is where I begin to suspect that this leg of my hike is lacking a bit in the reality department. Or maybe it was when I met my brother on top of the mountain and we started arguing who forgot to bring the comic books.

I wake up. It’s dark out and the map is next to me on the floor. Did I just dream-hike through an aerial view of New Zealand…?? :-D

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