Unthawing my EVE Online Toon – for free

Posted by admin on September 1st, 2016 filed in Games, Space

Listen to the nice lady, she gets us back on EVE online, for free: introducing clone states and the future of access to EVE Online

Up to November 2016, you had to pay monthly to keep playing beyond the trial period. After that, existing as well as new accounts can be in one of two states: Paying customers will be Omega Clones. And freeloaders (yup, that’s me) ;) will be cheap mass produced Alpha Clones. When you start a new free account, or stop paying on your existing account, you are reborn as Alpha Clone. You can keep playing, but lose all pay-to-play Omega skills.

Games with free/cheap accounts tend to attract botters, but CCP is known to be pretty good with analysing their metrics. It wouldn’t surprise me if they could tell cheaters from real players.

Serious EVE players will keep paying and enjoy their Omega status. Skill level directly depends on the time you spent as paying customer, and high-level accounts have much to lose: They can command huge ships and build citadels, and whatnot. I don’t even know — you can tell that my lowbie toon was pretty far away from reaching that state.

During my free month, I just wandered about in highsec with my buddies, the probes, and scanned for anomalies (which contained loot) and signatures (which contained death-by-pirates). Trade economy, you say? Gigantic fleet battles, you say? That sounds kinda stressful, doesn’t it? Nah, my probes and I were happy being filthy casuals for a while. And from November on, I have the opportunity to be a filthy casual again.

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