The Third Phase of Minecraft Addiction (4)

Posted by admin on November 14th, 2015 filed in Games, Science Fiction

This summer, I was looking for a technical-themed Minecraft mod pack that also included GalactiCraft, and I installed Bevo’s Tech Pack. BTP is available via the free ATlauncher. It’s one of the mod packs I enjoyed enough to return to and keep playing for a longer time, and by now, I have built a Proper Evil Overlord Base&tm; inside a Crag mountain.

Crag biomes (courtesy of the optional Biomes o’ Plenty) look unique and impressive as a home, and mobs have a hard time sieging a steep mountain. Crags do take more time to fortify, since there are dark nooks and crannies inside for monsters to spawn on and jump down from. On the upside, the high altitudes of Crags are ideal locations for windpower. Admittedly I will have fewer choices where to place my light-sensitive projects (farms and solar devices), but at the same time, I look forward to criss-crossing this crazy cyan mountain with rollercoaster-grade railways.

In BTP, you’ll start with the typical Tinker Tools & Smeltery story, and continue with Mekanism, MFR and Progressive Automation. Later you work youself up to IC2, PowerSuites/Jetpacks, OpenComputers, Applied Energistics2, and BigReactors. If you like gardening, cooking, and brewing, knock yourself out with Growthcraft, Forestry, IC2 crops, as well as Pam’s HarvestCraft. I have not tried Flaxbeard’s Steam Power nor Steve’s Factory Manager yet, and I have uninstalled Bloodmagic and Botania, so I can’t tell you anything about them. If you need a break, use GalactiCraft to explore space, or open the twilight forest portal and fight/loot bosses in a magical place filled with cute woodland creatures. (Note: It is very mean to push cute woodland creatures into the Twilight portal… but fun!)

I noticed, since I switched to Hard Mode, some zombies started wearing better armour than mine. :-C They have jetpacks with colorful exhaust upgrades? Want! I hunt down those zombies hoping for loot, and I never got one… Is looting jetpacks somehow not possible? Same with the Halloween-enhanced zombies: Shiny blue nano-helmets with night-vision goggles? Want! I never managed to loot one, but by now I have gathered enough materials (and energy) to craft my own nano-helmet and tier 2 jetpack. So there! :-P The nano-helmet only works in darkness, otherwise the nightvision blinds you. I set it aside in my GalactiCraft chest — it’s going to be perfect on the moon, where nights are a week long and torches don’t work.

In contrast to other dimensions (Nether, Twilight), you need to prepare for your GalactiCraft trips, since you cannot simply return to the Overworld through a portal. First priorities are a rocket and fuel loader, astronaut gear, energy- and oxygen-producing machines, pipes and wires, glowstone torches(!), and a basic farm kit (soil, water, seeds, saplings, hoe). If needed, I can save cargo space and build a first moonbase out of “locally sourced organic” moon rock — but I still chiseled some cool-looking decorative wall blocks to take with me. :-p

My plans for moonbase design: A capsule shaped building with four floors, two below, two above ground. A tall capsule shape should a) make the most of one oxygen bubble’s range (radius is 9) so I don’t need airlocks. And b) have a thick roof and a small surface area to minimize exposure to meteorites. Meteorites can smash exposed solar panels, trees, and moon buggies, so my plan is to use the smallest BigReactor instead of solar power, plant the tree indoors, and build a wide garage door for the future buggy to park inside the base. The goal of the moonbase is to find the treasure chest with tier 2 rocket and buggy blueprints, and to mine meteoric iron to craft airlocks and tier 2 rockets. I want this first moon base to be compact, frugal, and efficient.

Second GalactiCraft mission: Build a space station. Since there’s no meteorites in space, the space station will be better equipped, e.g. it will make use of solar panels. It will also be wider and larger and more comfortable than the minimalistic moonbase, and it will have oxygen seals and airlocks.

I haven’t put a lot of thought into reaching Mars and asteroids yet. But GalactiCraft’s long-term mission is to find the cargo rockets blueprint and a miner on Mars, and automate space mining.

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