The Third Phase of Minecraft Addiction (3)

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Continued from The Third Phase of Minecraft Addiction (2).



Next FTB candidate: TechWorld2. I skipped this modpack at first because it’s based on a sluggish Minecraft 1.6 with scary chunk loading problems (see spectacularly buggy screenshot), but I am definitely looking for a techy mod now.

TechWorld2 doesn’t drive you through the game via tutorials or quests. Instead you get several manuals, and off you go to do what you want. It’s better because you cannot get stuck in a questline, but on the other hand, you need to figure out the order and dependencies between all technologies yourself (cf FTB wikis).


The randomizer dumped me into a winterland, half snow plains, half show taiga, next to a frozen river leading into an ocean. My first reaction was „Let me reroll that“, but I kept this world. It does look picturesque, and dealing with snow is an interesting challenge. Should be fine, especially since this mod does not have any extreme temperature or hunger management, and only a normal amount of monsters. Well, normal apart from this madly sighing, snowball throwing, scary white Snow Blaze at the bottom of every cave…?! [Update: He’s called Blizz, hah! Brilliant name.]

minecraft blizz snow blaze

My Winterland came with trees and huntable animals, so wood and food are no problem. Near my spawn is one lake that doesn’t freeze over, so I build my farm there. There’s great scary underground mazes, with ores and minerals to mine, many of which only become useful during later stages of the game. I randomly collected and bred some bees and extracted honey from the combs using my first primitive clockwork engine. Yay!
minecraft techworld2 my first machine
Next steps? Analysing bees for targeted breeding doesn’t sound very thrilling, I’m afraid. So first, I’ll craft grout to build an efficient TinkerConstruct’s smeltery. Then I’ll craft bog earth to grow BuildCraft fuel, peat. I’m growing granola—uh, canola seeds that can be turned into fuel. Next, automate the heck out of everything! There are oil lakes, sludge lakes, sewage lakes, and lava lakes that are begging to be piped and ducted.

Also I’ll craft iron armour and a bow and arrows, and hunt down this silly Blizz that stands between me and my precious ores. I will build a proud factory in my native Winterland, out of… whatever it is that Snow Blazes drop! [Update: Heck no, they drop snow balls?! X-) But also Blizz rods!] Okay, maybe I have to set my blast furnace’s surroundings on fire with flint&steel a bit (sic!) to balance out the biome’s low temperature, but apart from that, Winterland is turning out nicely! :-)

When I have enough resources, I’ll build a railroad, and plunder — uh, colonize the neighbouring non-snowy biomes… assuming there are any? o_o [Update: Yup, found jungles, forests, and plains a daytrip away.]

TechWorld2 is simple enough for a beginner, without being completely boring and peaceful, and I already have some ideas what to do next …

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