The Third Phase of Minecraft Addiction (2)

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Continued from The Third Phase of Minecraft Addiction (1).



Next attempt: Pathfinder sounds playable! It’s technology- and space-themed, no extreme hunger, and starts out peaceful. You are an explorer in a ship equipped with alien dimensional technology that allows you to craft whole planets! Sounds like the scifi version of MystCraft!

In MystCraft, you put pages in books, here you put „dimlets“ into a „dimensional matrix“ to define properties of the target world. You want a mob-filled world with yellow skies and clay islands in a liquid iron sea? Place those dimlets in the matrix, pack your survivalist generator, dial the teleporter, and there you are.

I admit to cheating and deactivating several features because they annoyed me, including complete darkness and restricted inventory. The game comes with a good tutorial that walks you through the new recipes and gameplay, including energy management. It was easy to travel to the first random planet — a harmless quiet half-plains half-desert world, with trees, some lakes, and zero ravines or caves. Turns out it was so quiet because there were no animals, so I could not continue the plant breeding quest that required a feather/quill. I also could not continue the „dimlets“ creation quest because there was no lapis lazuli.

OK, no big deal, right? Just create a new dimension! But apparently applying my precious „lapis lazuli modifier“ to the „village feature“ is not a legal move, and it was ignored. Also the new dimension turned out permanently dark and I don’t even see the cool night sky I programmed. Oh… is that maybe caused by the “caves” dimlet I used…? “Caves” does not add caves below the ground, but traps me permanently inside large dark cave? Interesting. Luckily the cave was full of animals and villages, and I got my feather, but still no lapis lazuli.

Back at my crops farm planet, I spent a lot of time running around to all alien huts collecting dimlets because I couldn’t craft them. I wanted to automate tree cutting, but it turned out that Pathfinder nerfed the Vanilla tools’ durability (makes sense: to force us to use the mods’ tools). At the same time, it includes Progressive Automation recipes that require the Vanilla tools to be durable… I couldn’t find any way around that issue, and took a break from the game to reconsider my automation plans.



Maybe I should look at something other than scifi, and give magic a try? I picture Regrowth to dump me into a desert, and I will slowly turn it into a blooming oasis?

My world indeed started out in a desert, next to an ocean (yay!) and a little wooden hut (double yay!) with a trading hobgoblin NPC. The hobgoblin disappeared before I could find the trade item he asked for. I used his hut as shelter (and source of wood logs…) while building a large walled and lit „relatively safer“ area. I personally build along natural features, not straight „100×100“ rectangles like the guys on youtube.

I died several times in stupid unexpected fights — someone please remind me that the harmless-looking cat and dog, and tiny enderlike creatures are deadly… I got to a point where I had enough resources to crossbreed a few useful plants, and I could trigger the grow of random flowers and trees. I also found a resource that may be an oil well. The next step in the quest book was to start with plant magic and mana pools.

However, a hard-to-grow white flower that I was supposed to pick kept disappearing, for no apparent reason. Also most of the newly grown plants are (still) useless, and my motivation to waste my time and energy breeding inedible plants is low that early in the game. At least I solved the mystery of the disappearing books, they automatically go into a „binder“ that the quest instructed me to craft, duh.

Next, the quest book tells me to make a mana birdbath, all I need is to breed yet another useless flower… Sigh. I’m taking a break from Regrowth because their quests felt like a boring pointless grind. But I may get back to it later, when I snap out of my „magic is st00pid, scifi rules!“ mood. :-)

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