The Third Phase of Minecraft Addiction (1)

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You might have noticed the subtle build-up in my previous posts with me “complaining” that Vanilla Minecraft has become somewhat boring. I already went through the “extreme biomes survival” phase. Obviously, the third phase of minecraft addiction is …

Mod it till it crashes!!

A colleague recommended I download the Feed The Beast client. This free app contains many Minecraft mods that work together, and it’s an installer and launcher for fan-created mod packs: Some modpacks come with fan-written adventure storylines and extensive quests. Other modpacks just dump you in a world with 2386 new machines and recipes, and let you choose your own path.

  • FTB pros: There are many brilliant mods, people worked hard on adding interesting new gameplay. It’s great to see an application’s modular design pay off so nicely! These mods add more monsters, more magic, more train sets, more technology, more decorative stone chiseling, more animal hunting and breeding, more plant farming and cooking… We get fish farms, bee hives, mana pools, ores bushes, portalguns (!), jetpacks (!), engines, and reactors. Woah!
  • FTB cons: Unsurprisingly, there’s a steep learning curve to these new recipes, and how the pieces come together. When several similar mods are installed, it’s not clear whether they are compatible. As a beginner, the first few mod packs that I tried struck me as inconsistent and overloaded. Why are there 10 pipes and none works with that machine? I rage-quit several times :-D because the jumble of new recipes and blocks felt unplayable. I gave each of them several attempts (days of playing) to win my heart. I even watched several Let’s Plays by the biggest fans, but you can hear the frustration in their voices, too.


Crash Landing sounds like a game I want to play. It’s the typical „stuck on alien planet and rebuild from dust“ scenario. I enjoyed watching a dozen Let’s Play episodes for Crashlanding on Youtube. The one player stayed in the shelter and automated gathering water, food, and materials „from nothing“. The other player built a tower and wings, and explored surrounding alien structures, and brought back valuable loot. :-D They stuck to their plan and knew what they were doing — and still died every second episode, in hilarious ways.

But dehydration and heat stroke, diminishing food and hunger management, coupled with Ex Nihilo and a hundred new recipes too learn, plus hardcore deadly monsters — too much for beginners. It’s embarrassing to starve in the shelter while reading the quest book! X-) Okay, I need to try an easier one first. 

Blast Off!

Hm, what about “Blast Off!”? Again, stuck on a desert planet. My quest is to rebuild technology from meteorite crumbs to rejoin civilisation in space. Yesss.

Nope. Not easy for beginners either… How do I leave the bunker?! :-D After restarting a few times, I gave up clicking walls and floors, and watched GOC’s Let’s Play episode for Blast Off. In GOC’s recording, the game looks different, and his version had a trampoline to jump up one floor? Hmmm… Back in my version, pressing the jump key on the marked spot (which I had tried clicking), indeed teleports me to another room. Hurray! Now I can actually play. *sigh*

The second room has hidden exits behind curtains. First step outdoors — eaten by zombies — no loot. Sad face. OK, I need to take this more seriously to beat the game. Blast Off! also requires water and temperature management, but I didn’t even get to the point where I died of that, nor to a point where I could craft or mine anything. This needs some serious preparation!

Blast Off could be an option to play before Crash Landing, but I don’t have in-game time learn all those new recipes… I need to play a simpler mod first where I don’t starve right away. Stay tuned…

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