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One of the first goals I set myself in Minecraft was: “Dye all the sheep!” … Not very useful, but quite amusing nonetheless:
dyed sheep in minecraft

Although you do gather xp (experience points) in Survival mode, Minecraft has no leveling system. You lose xp when you die, and you spend xp to improve tools and armour in higher levels — nice game mechanic.

Minecraft will also never tell you that you have “gained a new skill”. Your skills depend on the tools and armour you crafted, and their effectiveness depends on the quality of materials you mined. That’s why it’s called mine-craft. :-) You can discover recipes by trial and error on the workbench, or look up recipes on the wiki for inspiration.

By the way, there really aren’t any quests either… I use the word “quest” here in the following loosely meaning “goals that you set yourself”.

Beginner “Quests”

Mark your roads and underground passages (wooden signs and dyed wool come in handy), secure passages with torches, build visible landmarks (lighthouses etc) and shelters. Explore caves systematically, e.g. place all torches so they point the way out, and fence off unsecured passages.

Fight monsters and collect loot. Explore villages, ravines, witch huts, temples, dungeons, and abandoned mine shafts. The loot includes ores, books, uncraftable horse saddles, and rail tracks. Find villages and trade. Go fishing and fish up fun junk or even treasure. For the full Indiana Jones experience, craft maps, a clock, and a compass.
replant all the things

Replant everything: tree saplings, wheat seeds, vegetables, melons, mushrooms, cocoa… Use bone meal as fertilizer. Make sugary food out of sugarcane, but save some to craft paper which will become valuable for your enchantment library later.

Breeding farm animals such as cows, pigs, sheep, rabbits, chickens, is useful to obtain milk (antidote), eggs and meat (healing), leather (enchantment books), wool (decoration), and feathers (arrows). Lure animals with wheat or seeds, or pull them with a lasso made of a slime ball plus spider strings. Donkeys are useful for carrying chests. If you found a saddle, tame a horse to travel faster. If you have bones and rotten meat, tame a wolf to fight for you. If you found fish, tame an ocelot kittycat to annoy you.

Intermediate “Quests”

Craft decorations for your civilized abode: Armor stands, item frames, flower pots, dyed leather clothing, paintings, carpets, dyed wool banners, fences, cobblestone walls, furniture.. Turn sand into glass windows to check for monsters without being noticed. Glass bottles become useful later when you start brewing potions.

Collect redstone dust and build traps and fun mechanisms: There are buttons, doors, levers, pistons, pressure plates, trap doors, dispensers, minecarts and rails… Go wild!
temple exploration - it's a trap!

After you have a solid amount of diamonds, iron, and xp, create an anvil to repair equipment, and transfer enchantments from damaged equipment or from books. Don’t overdo the enchantments though, they greatly increase repair costs.

Advanced “Quests”

“Go to school”… According to in-game lore, books teach you how to be more powerful and resistant. Create obsidian where a waterfall meets stagnant lava, and craft diamond tools to mine it. Craft an obsidian table, build a library around it, and enchant your armour and tools.

“Go to hell”… Create portals out of obsidian and travel to the Nether, where you gather alchemistic ingredients. Back in the overworld, craft a brewery and put formerly useless loot (such as spider eyes, glowstone dust, blaze powder, rabbit foot, puffer fish, and ghast tears) to a good use by brewing alchemistic potions.

I found atlantis and the fish are shooting lasers
“Go to Atlantis”… Prepare water breathing potions, dive into an underwater temple, and fight big fish to collect small fish. Loot the temple for gold, prismarine, and sponges. … Seriously? This sounds like the most boring quest ever. I hope Mojang add some more gameplay options here.

“Go to heaven”… Find a stronghold with a portal to the End. Walk on a floating stone cloud and defeat the end boss. Or don’t, because this sandbox game doesn’t really care if you do. ;-)

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