Tell Me More About This… Chocolate Factory…?

Posted by admin on June 3rd, 2012 filed in Healthy-ish

So… there’s this chocolate factory… And, you know? It has this online order form…

You can choose stuff, not only dark, milk, or white chocolate, but, all kinds of ingredients… nuts, dried fruit, cinamon, jelly beans, mini pretzels, chilli, and what-not!

Must. Order. Chocolate. O_O (And then blog it.) :)

If you pay in advance, you can have your order delivered (the extra cost only makes sense if you order several bars, or live far away). There was a little hitch with the order form, since it allows you to check personal pick-up, but then you cannot select cash payment. I selected another payment option and added a note saying I would pay cash. The email bounced. *sigh* A second message to the cafe’s main email address went through, but I got no confirmation.

After 2 days, I rechecked my “user account”, and it had been silently ammended with “in progess”. Four days later, I got a message that the order was ready for pick-up.
chocloate bar in carton
This is the default box your order comes in. You can also pay for a prettier one with a nicely designed picture. They store the orders in a fridge on display right in the cafe. The best-before date is three months from now (Do they really think chocolate will survive that long?)
chocolate bar with sollbruchstellen and ingredients
This is what the actual bar looks like: Normal looking chocolate bar with Sollbruchstellen (break zones) on the front, and, ta-daa, your order of fruit, spices, or candy, visible in the back.
weighing and eating chocolate, muhahaha!
The web page says that each order contains 100 gramms of chocolate. This turned out to be an exageration, since the whole bar including the extra ingredient weighs just 100 gramms. The tiny sham about the weight would be the only criticism I have. Apart from this, the taste of my “dark chocolate, ginger slices” is just perfect. :)

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