Space! I’m in Space! Weee!

Posted by admin on January 17th, 2013 filed in Space

Somehow we recently talked about space at work and a colleague said, floating in zero g must feel awesome. To which I spoil-sport of course replied that I always thought that astronauts in videos seem to move extremely controlled and cautiously, as if experience taught them that, “No, you do not want to bump into this wall, again.” ;-)

You can see what I mean in this video by Sunita Williams (nice hairstyle sista!) who gives us an excellent tour through the ISS. She’s been there for 6 months (?) and boy, she’s got navigating in zero g figured out perfectly.

It’s funny, after watching this, I begin to really appreciate “empty” surfaces –like walls or the ceiling or a street– because in the ISS, every last surface seems to be filled with all useful equipment that they could velco on there.

The custom “bench press” equipment she shows is cool too: As expected, you cannot lift “weights” in zero g, that’s why astronauts must exercise by pressing against the resistance of a vacuum cylinder. They attach the training equipment (such as a seatless bike – you can’t sit down anyway!) loosely and stabilize it with a gyroscope, because the vibrations made the station oscillate, including the solar panels…

In any case, very cool video — the only thing that might creep you out is how claustrophic the Soyus module is!

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