Space Engineers Multiplayer Chat Controls

Posted by admin on July 12th, 2019 filed in Games, Science Fiction

Space Engineers has gone from Early Access to 1.0 in late winter 2019, but they still release free updates (and sometimes paid DLCs) and let us test them on a public server sometimes, like today. For future reference, I’m jotting down my notes how to use the chat in Space Engineers Multiplayer! :-P

As in most games, you press Enter to open the chat window and Escape to close it.
Enter /g to switch to global chat (white text)
Enter /f to switch to your faction’s chat (green text)

Note that each user name is shown in a (randomly?) assigned colour, don’t mistake that for the channel colour.

Open your inventory (press I) and go to the Comms tab to see chat logs. Alas, when people post links in chat, you still can’t select and copy any text (you can only take a screenshot and retype the link yourself…).

Since I was already busy pressing random keys, I found some more useful underdocumented shortcuts: Use ctrl-1, ctrl-2 etc. to toggle between several customizable toolbars! Then press G, press the keys 1 to 9, and assign actions to each number in each toolbar.
For example, you can customize one toolbar to hold all emotes (gestures like pointing and waving make multiplayer more immersive), one to hold grinding and welding tools and common base blocks, one for mining (hand drill, collector, gravity generator), and the rest for special blocks for ship or base building, perhaps…

And a reminder which keys to try if something doesn’t work: F, K, I, LMB (left mouse click). I for inventory — you can tab to other functions from here, such as GPS. F activates opens machine’s GUIs. K opens ship/vehicle/station “K”ontrols. And if that all doesn’t work, left click items such as doors, displays, buttons.
I had one case where I tried to activate a door terminal with F, and got a message “Access Denied”. Later I noticed that only access to the terminal was denied — the door was actually unlocked (left click on the door itself opened it)! Duh. ;-)

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