Space Engineers (Laughing So Hard Right Now)

Posted by admin on April 6th, 2014 filed in Games, Science Fiction, Space

Wahahaha, this Space Engineers game looks awesome! These guys managed to write the hard scifi sandbox game that I would like to write myself. It’s like Lego in space, very impressive.

I’m watching this in-game video by LastStandGamers — and it’s hilarious: They found a buggy racetrack in the Steam workshop and… well, their scrapyard vehicles were literally buggy. :-) Given that rovers were not the main usecase of a spaceship game, the game physics (based on Havok) are still flexible enough to build all kinds of crazy/fun interactive vehicles! I guess the developers could add round wheels with friction as building blocks in the future.

Overall, the alpha version that we see here is already better and more solid than some other officially released games. I would like to see a “planetary” mode too, or at least larger asteroids with gravity. Hmm, wait… Can’t I just put a “station with gravity generator” into the core of an asteroid to simulate a planet? That’s the kind of thinking that this game evokes. :-)

Good music, great artwork, great sandbox/crafting game play, multi- and single-player, and a creative community. What else do you wish for? … Well, I wish it was not only available for Windows. :-(

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