SciHack – a Techy Minecraft ModPack

Posted by admin on December 1st, 2018 filed in Games, Hacks, Science Fiction

Yay, I finally published my own Minecraft Modpack on the Twitch Launcher:
SciHack – for people who like to science the hack out of it.

I combined several mods that I had wanted to try out for while, themed around the topic of science. I take a bit of artistic freedom in pretending that alchemy (i.e. potions) is chemistry, that enchanted books on anvils are material engineering, and that Psi is applied physics, that the Mesa biome is practically Mars, and so on. :-)

In short: Imagine you are the scientist from “the Martian”, but there are, like, angry zombie colonists on the same planet…? I made sure to include greenhouses, laser guns, jetpacks, space ships, RFTools Dimensions, and calculators. Since we need something to test weapons on, I armed the mobs with rifles and sprinkled the world with robot dinosaurs, robot spiders, robot creepers, helicopters, aircraft carriers, and much more fun stuff to explore.

Thanks to the mod creators who make mod packs possible!

Update April 2019: I added the alpha release of a quest book, please post comments if something doesn’t work.

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