Retextured Slopes and Fancy Shapes

Posted by admin on March 6th, 2016 filed in Games, Hacks

Minecraft mods do not only add functional blocks, decorational mods are worth checking out too. There’s Chisel, Ztones/Xtones, Bibliocraft, Chisels&Bits, Carpenter’s blocks… Another useful decorational thing you will notice are facades: Vertical carpet-like pieces with a hole in the middle that can cover up energy cables or pipes in floors or walls with any other block’s texture.

I had kept Carpenter’s in the back of my head and planned to use them for slopes one day, but these blocks looked plain and boring: Wooden scaffolding? The style never fit what I was building, so I never used them.

Until it occurred to me to finally RTFM (Read The Fine Manual) and guess what? … They are not supposed to remain scaffolding: I’m supposed to combine (almost) any Carpenter’s block shape with (almost) any other block’s material, just as with facades! :-o Duh.

Carpenter’s Blocks adopt the texture of the applied block as well as their qualities. Meaning you can build a structure out of obsidian or glowstone blocks. And even mushrooms, spider string, snow, grass blocks, vines, and hay can be applied as materials.

Carpenter’s offers many base shapes: Beds, torches and lanterns, doors and hatches, ladders, pressure plates, buttons and levers (that work on ceilings, too!), a multiplayer-save safe, flower pots… Then of course the famous slopes, slabs, stairs, barriers and fences, tiles, and fancy collapsable blocks that can be sloped in ways so you don’t recognize it’s Minecraft anymore.

Excuse while I go back to my base and change everything! :-D

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