Ooh Yeah, Ouya!

Posted by admin on November 9th, 2012 filed in Development, Games, Java, Open Source

After Raspberry Pi, here’s another open hardware project: This one is called OUYA — an open game console that comes with its own controller, connects to your TV screen, and supports Android applications.

They focus on games that offer a free-to-play version with optional in-app purchases and paid upgrades. And of course it will also run other apps than games. The Ouya has a USB port, so I guess players could attach a keyboard, but by default, it comes with a game controller as input device.

Contact Ouya if you plan to port your Android app or write a new one from scratch — or if you have a nice idea how to hack the whole thing and turn it into something awesome that brings the Age of Aquarius upon us before the world ends in 2012, that’s fine too. :-D I don’t know, I’m seeing some potential for a learning platform (educational games) or some smart map-based local services here.

Of course you will need to order the actual hardware for testing (the deliver internationally, but it’s expensive). They met their kickstarter pledges goal, and are in the process of making a deal to support Minecraft, so up to now they are looking good. Keep an eye on them!

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