Okay, I Caved in to Getting Minecraft

Posted by admin on December 29th, 2014 filed in Games

I resisted buying Minecraft for several years. I knew I would “waste” a lot of time playing it… It’s exactly the game that I would have wanted to write, “plus better”. X-) But with the upcoming holidays I finally caved in.

If you haven’t played it yet, Minecraft is a sandbox game that generates a Voxel planet as setting for your own story and creations.

You can play your Minecraft world in different ways:

  • In a “creative” world, you can reshape the ground and build palaces and cities out of Lego-like bricks. You have unlimited building resources (stone, glass, metal, wood, etc), you cannot die or starve, you can fly, and no monsters attack.
  • A “survival” world plays like a first-person shooter: You can die and respawn, you craft and build with limited resources that you mine (or loot), tools and armour can break and must be repaired, you must hunt and gather food to restore your health, you cannot fly, monsters attack you, and you (optionally) can beat an end boss.
  • I’ve never played “adventure” mode (press t and then type /gamemode 2?), but I know you can play user-created maps. Adventure maps are filled with dungeons and puzzles and traps for other players to explore, but mining and building are restricted.
  • Plus, you can switch each between single-player or multi-player (LAN or internet).

Overall, very well designed game features.

Sandbox games have no preset goal or winning condidtion. So what goals can you set yourself, for example?

  • You are a hero who was sent to rid this land of the Endermen and their dragon. Your main goal is to find the End portal, and you only gather resources that prepare you for this epic battle. You generously fortify an NPC village in exchange for an opportunity to trade, and you visit the Nether for potion ingredients. You don’t care about beautiful palaces and cute baby bunnies.
  • You strive to become the most efficient farmer and rancher. You develop automatic crops harvesting, and optimized animal breeding farms and slaughter houses. You’re so savvy, you even trick villager NPCs into working as farm hands.
  • You design impressive monster traps and redstone mechanisms, you create smart railroad systems with switches and unloading stations, and build fortresses with secret doors and hidden chests.
  • You lay out vast cities and streets, design beautiful palaces and gardens, and build golems that people will talk about in ages to come! No zombie will ever get one of your villagers.
  • You’re a nomad, you travel light, with difficulty set to hardcore. The supplies in your pocket are all you need to explore the world. You never stay in the same place twice, you don’t have a bed, and never use chests. Why would you make a boring farm if you can hunt?
  • You are a colonization pioneer who sets up monster-free housing, food supplies, and infrastructure in preparation for “colonists who will arrive later”. You’re pragmatic and value function over design. You leave the Endermen and Ender dragon alone, but you might repurpose Nethergates and secured Nether tunnels as travel shortcuts.

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