My Good Deed for Today

Posted by admin on November 13th, 2010 filed in Games, Science Fiction

Dear diary, my good deed for today was reverting the defacement on the Lego wiki before any children wake up and read it. Phew. Time to have breakfast.

What am I doing on the lego wiki? See, I’m still looking for spaceships and planets, as mentioned earlier, so I installed Galaxy on Fire on my iPod: Super cool 3D space graphics, simple UI, and version 1 is free since version 2 has come out. A nice simple antidote to get over an Eve online addiction. ;) GoF is actually the first iPod Touch game where I voluntarily use the gyroscope instead of touch to navigate. I set it to the lowest difficulty, and even managed to play a few levels before I realized that my hand-eye coordination is still non-existant as ever, even if it’s set to ‘easy’. ;-) Oh well.

So, I thought, what other space games are there? A former colleague told me he was writing a construction game with the jMonkeyEngine. A bit like “Lego Universe”, he said. A new MMORPG? The Lego Universe homepage is all “blah blah computational linguistic filters will protect players from swearwords and weird things blah.” That’s great, so, swearing is what we can’t do. But what can we do?

Some pictures show spaceships and planets, and others forests and ninjas. Some figures carry swords and others hi-tech gear. I’m cool with mixing that. What factions can I play? Tinkering space rogue gnomes?

Apparently your choice is fighter, maniac wizard (likely another type of fighter), builder (it’s a lego game, after all), or adventurers. The “ninja technomages” do look cool, but I usually go for the explorer type. Unfortunately… the explorers… all… look… like… pirates! No way. I’m not playing a Lego pirate?!

I browsed through the Lego Universe wiki to see whether they were serious. Which was where I noticed the vandal who had replaced the wiki content with silly swearwords. I left a hint to the admins on their irc channel, and someone reverted it back to normal. At least they are quick, and I can be proud I saved a wiki before breakfast. :-P I continue reading about Lego factions and, yup, adventures are described as st00pid pirates, all the way down.

Why oh why? Is this for children or what?!

Oh. Wait. It is. Never mind.

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