Learn From Sauerbraten

Posted by admin on February 12th, 2017 filed in Development, Games, Open Source

Sauerbraten.org is an Open-Source free multiplayer first-person shooter, and also a game engien and map editor. If you like games like Doom / Quake / Unreal Tournament / Marathon, Sauerbraten is very similar.

Note that it’s not a quick game creation kit, and you cannot take their multi-media files (they are not open source). You can look at the source code and learn from it, or you can mod the existing game and create a map and interactions.

If you ever wake up one morning and find yourself thinking, “Gee, I’m gonna write my own MMORPG!”, look at this project’s page. THIS is the minimum amount of features that you would have to create on your own.

Music, sounds, textures, models, animations, tools, networking and syncing, event handling, settings and preference handling, executable files for various operating systems, user-friendly error and exception handling, map loading and model import, physics, particles, HUD, GUI. And I probably forgot some items here. :D

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