Intermediate Minecraft Seeds – Biome Exploration

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The first time I saw an ocelot, I wondered what was running away. The first time I saw a wolf, I wondered what was running towards me… The first time I saw a Mesa, I thought Minecraft was nuts. The first time I saw a mushroom island, I thought I was nuts…!

You can play minecraft for months, and still come across a rare biome or animal that you have never seen before. Just check out these „themed“ survival seeds where you get your chance at exploring rare biomes. Some of these biomes extend 500m to 1km in each direction, so bring some spare leather socks and hold on to your pumpkin helmet!

Extreme & Rare Biome Exploration

It’s not difficult to survive here, but uniform worlds inherently come with certain additional challenges. That’s why I would consider them intermediate, and wouldn’t recommend them for beginners. Use these seeds for themed multi-player adventures, or if you want to build a themed home in a specific setting.

Vacation package: Welcome to Your New Island-in-Mesa Home

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -7425002264200452688
  • Your situation: You start out right at a survival-friendly archipelago of tiny islands next to several low-lying underwater monuments. After you secured wood and wheat, look for the larger flatter island, which makes a good base (bring bones, I saw a wolf there!). When you are ready to cross the ocean and head for the mainland — you’ll notice that 80% of the surrounding shores are mesas!? Pretty crazy place.

Vacation package: Tame Wolves in a Continental Mega Taiga

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: 117036858270340384
  • Your situation: You start out on top of one of the tallest trees in a taiga. Mountains, trees, sheep, cows, wolves, mushrooms, and mobs as far as the eye can reach. Brilliant seed if you enjoy taming wolves: Focus on collecting bones first, and don’t run around too far, so the wolves don’t despawn before you have enough bones.

Vacation package: Indiana Jones’ Jungle Adventure

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -2669895394793511890
  • Your situation: You start on a tree at the edge of a jungle peninsula near an inland sea. The jungle is tough to navigate, but rich in resources — wood, melons, cocoa, grass, trapped treasure temples, and a stronghold. Cross the ocean north east of the starting point to explore a large mesa, and swim east for a trippy mooshroom island. Choose this world if you enjoy the challenges of the jungle and exploring exotic landscapes by boat.

Vacation package: Landfall on Planet Bryce

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -8389145599236388234
  • Your situation: You start at the bottom of a huge bryce mesa, surrounded by weird colorful clay spikes. This world is unique, fascinating, and very alien. It’s not difficult to survive here (there are trees etc.), but the valleys are very steep, which makes moving around a challenge.

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