I’m No Pointy-Haired Boss :-o

Posted by admin on July 24th, 2011 filed in Computers, Games

Uh-oh: In a recent post about video gameplay, I mused “What about, instead of reaching 200%… 300%…, you have to put effort into not forgetting your skills?” I was annoyed about having to level up a character millionfold and still not seeing an end. Today I rediscovered this old cartoon…

"We've been doing great since we redefined success as a slowing of failure."

It is generally accepted that it is a bad sign when your brainstroming comes close to the same ideas as Dilbert’s pointed-haired boss has… O_o

I herewith officially state that a) I have never seen or played any such game, and b) I do not think there should be any such game.

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