I Accidentally My Business Cards With Gears

Posted by admin on July 22nd, 2014 filed in Steampunk

You know your hobby is mainstream if… Stationary shops sell ready-made scrapbooker stamps with that theme! ;-) Behold:

steampunk stampssteampunk-stamps
I never knew people were into stamps that much, quite steampunky indeed. Though some of the ones I didn’t buy made no sense what-so-ever: A watch inside a pennyfarthing bike? A clock wearing a top hat? A metronome with a swallow stuck to it?! And a camera, a suitcase, a bottle, an Eiffel tower, and an airship — all studded with non-functional gears. :-)

Don’t know yet what I will do with them. Wasn’t planning on making a scrapbook. I’ll experiment on paper (some of the paper might accidentally be… *cough*business cards*cough*), and also with textile-prove paint on cloth and leather… One of these gears even doubles as a compass rose template, I just noticed:

Hmmm… And this vest over there looks like it needs MOAR GEARS stamped onto it…! (Remind me to add pictures.)


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