How We Defeated the Frosted Glass and Made it Transparent

Posted by admin on January 18th, 2013 filed in Hacks

In “How we defeated the evil permanent marker I wrote about a super simple trick how to clean permanent writing from whiteboards. Recently, I tried something new — how to make fake frosted glass transparent.

By fake frosted glass I mean those stickers that are often applied to glass doors (or glass walls!) in offices. You want light from the window to shine through the meeting rooms into the hallways, but you don’t want the meeting to be fully in the open? Frosted glass stickers are your friend.

On the other hand, these stickers are a constant temptation for us to peek through the gaps… What magical things are happening in there? How’s that prestigeous project going? Which secrets are they discussing? *peek* If the Powerpoint heading is “fiscal year…” again, I don’t want to know. Can’t it be “raptosauric space laser robot, version 2”, just once?

So how do you make the frosting transparent to show the ones inside that they cannot keep any secrets from your genius? The solution is as easy as it is paradox, and readily available in any office: Clear, transparent adhesive tape.

You heard right: Stick some adhesive tape on top of the frosted sticker, and *bam*! For some strange reason it cancels out the blurriness… o_O
frosted glass with adhesive tape
Don’t ask, just do it! :-)

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