I want Planets.

Posted by admin on October 8th, 2010 filed in jMonkeyEngine, Science Fiction

And Spaceships. *withdrawal!* Did I mention my EVE Online trial ran out? And that now there’s no planets and spaceships anymore?! And that it was a complete waste of time?? But… in a fun way?

I agree with people who say that EVE has a steep learning curve. And it’s probably “not for everyone”. I’m not fully certain whether I want to continue myself. The graphics are great — but there’s not much to rendering angular spaceships and round planets that they could do wrong. No complaints about the immersion, I enjoyed coming back.

They say you can do what you want, you choose your own path — sounds promising. Stay in safe low-income newbie areas, and venture out to high-risk/high-gain solar systems at your own pace and peril. “Just don’t carry anything you cannot afford to lose” is the last polite tip you hear, then you get mugged at the next interplanetary junction. :-P

What do they mean “afford to lose”, isn’t it just pixels? Well, advanced players are paying monthly fees, and are often part of a cooporation (guild) that produces goods. So yes, they do have something to lose, gametime is not free. Actually funny, since the thrill of EVE is that it gives you a lot for free: You mine “valuable” resources, produce and trade goods, rob and cheat. The only price you pay is that you lose your cargo, ship, pilot, just as easily as you got them.

It’s really a game for people with a “no risk, no fun” attitude. I don’t mind that — where else can you take these kinds of risks, if not in a game. I just haven’t brought myself to buy gametime yet. Let’s see… The pros: Laserguns!! Spaceships!! Planets!! The cons: It’s a waste of time. I could write a space game in the time I’m playing one… Hmm… actually… there’s an idea…! *fires up jMonkeyPlatform* :-D

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