GuildWars2 – Races and Professions

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Once a year I get the urge to sign up for a MMORPG. (And play it for a few months, until inevitably my hand-eye coordination and strategy skills no longer keep up, and I give up.) :-P Last year, it was EveOnline, this year, it’s Guild Wars 2. One big advantage of GW2 is that it’s “pay once, play as often as you like”, in contrast to many other MMORPGS that have monthly pay schemes.

As any MMORPG, GW2 lets you choose from several races and professions. However, every race can play every profession equally well (despite the fact that the background story characterizes races as “preferring” this or that). There are no preset character boni biased to certain combinations. The choice of race only influences where on the map you start, the first 20 or so “personal storyline” quests are different (if you choose to play them), and a handful of racial skills are different.

Races: The Charr are large buffalo-horned lion-like warriors; the Humans are Paladin-like and backed by religion; the Norn are Wiking-like shamans who can turn into animals; the Asura are tiny geeky ugly-cute trolls (a “race full of Sheldons”, a friend calls them); the Sylvari are plant-faced hippy dreamers (no, really, I’m serious, some even have mushrooms as heads). :-)

Professions: You can choose from Guardian, Warrior (Soldier-type professions); Engineer, Ranger, or Thief (Adventurer-type professions); Elementalist, Mesmer, or Necromancer (Scholar-type professions). Most of them are what it says on the tin. Engineers can throw elixirs (flasks filled with chemicals) and summon Steampunk turrets and golem-robots as allies; Mesmers can summon weak clones and strong phantasms as allies; Elementalist seems to be some kind of wizard. Additionally, each race favors certain weapons.

GuildWars2: My newbie Asura Engineer character

My character is an Asura Engineer, and I quite enjoy playing it: An Engineer solos well and has a good mixture of ranged and melee skills, different types of damage (similar to curses in other RPGs), and can summon mobile (i.e. golem) and immobile (i.e. turrets) assistance it needed. The default weapons for Engineers are either dual-pistols, pistol+shield, or a rifle. However, your main Engineer skills allow you to replace the weapon with “fun stuff you pull out of your backpack” (elixirs, bombs, mines, flamethrower…). It feels very steampunky, and Asura is clearly the “comic relief” character for players who don’t take this whole “levelling and being a hero” stuff too seriously. :-)

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