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Posted by admin on April 27th, 2011 filed in Healthy-ish

Yay, my company is taking part in the Global Corporate Challenge. :-) That sounds worse than it is, it just means counting our steps (pedometer) and entering them into an online tracker. Yeah I know I’m possibly underestimating the seriousness of this. :o) Walking doesn’t sound so hard? Especially for us in Europe, where most places have been built for pedestrians and not for cars, anyway.

I admit if you live in the outskirts (or in a housing area like the ones I saw in Canada and the USA in some places), it must be more difficult to get 10000 steps a day. There are simply less places that you can reach by walking. In comparison, I have a short commute, work and live on floors that can realistically be reached by stairs, and have many opportunities to make this challenge work, I figure… :)

After a few years of sedentiary office work, even people who enjoy hiking need a kick in the behind to start going for walks more often, and this challenge looks like a fun way of getting into the habit again. I live near a park, it’s spring, and we all get free pedometers. What else do you wish for?

Even if your company etc is not signed up for GCC, you can team up with some friends who have pedometers in their mp3 players. The trick is, when you take on a challenge as a group, and even compete with other groups from your floor, it’s more motivating to stick with it to the end (16 weeks, i.e. all summer!) I haven’t seen the web interface yet, but allegedly they visualize success as a trip around the world, and basically tell us “which city we reached” and what we could be doing there. Which is a nice touch to make plain numerical results more tangible! Apart from maybe winning an iPad, which is also quite tangible. ;-p

Man what a pity that fidgeting doesn’t count, I’d win this in 2 weeks max… Muhahaha just kidding. ;-P

PS: Dangit. My colleagues told me I’m naive. The goal of the exercise is to attach the pedometer to a dog or child and win an iPad. :( Well, not explicitly, but that’s what it boils down to. I should propose the organizer to give out two awards: One for the highest number of accumulated steps — and one for the most realistic number! :-p

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