Free Statistical Machine Translation (And Why I Don’t Recommend it)

Posted by admin on July 15th, 2013 filed in Linguistics

Colleagues shared this “wild” video at work today: VIDEO: Divočák poničil Hilton, pak běžel Prahou. Strážníci ho zalehli: A boar came south into Prague from the parks in the north, crossed Holešovice and the Vltava, picked a fight with (his own reflection in) the Hiltons’s glass doors, and ran through Těšnov. A Policeman successfully chased the confused animal down after it had been endangering innocent bystanders.

The story gets 10x better when you read it via Google Translate! The heading is already great:

Wild Boar damaged by Hilton, then ran Prague. Officers him hit the ground.

Gee, I wonder what happened? Let’s read on:

The island Štvanice swam across the river towards the Hilton Hotel for him, then broke a glass pane and ran away to the Těšnov. “… they broke the window of a pig and runs away to the Těšnov,” said spokesman Prague policemen Milena Bližňáková.

How exciting! Now the chase scene:

The fight took place on the health of several passers-by, police officers and the actual pig […] then but made a mistake and let the contested constable to turn her head away from him and guard him so he could lie down,” said Bližňáková.

Yeah… No… I think I prefer reading the Czech version, thanks! ;-)

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