Epic Mission Statement

Posted by admin on October 8th, 2011 filed in jMonkeyEngine

Found an epic forum quote by one of the jMonkeyEngine 3 core members from the very start of the project (February 2010):

Naturally, our end-goal (did I say end-goal? I meant goal for tomorrow, before lunch) is to use jMonkey to build the largest MMMORPRTSFPDSS ever conceived, let alone attempted. Did I mention there will be free handouts of preposterone and 7D glasses upon release day for a megamaximized experience of our rendering system which has been banned in 17 countries on the account of being ‘too real’?

Rumor has it that the acronym stands for:


As awesome as that sounds, our forum members are still able to one-up us:

Did I mention I’ve already designed all the magic spells for one of those? ;)

Oh snap! :)

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