Easy Minecraft Survival Seeds – Villages

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These are some of my favorite Minecraft seeds, plus my suggestions for a survival challenge or mini-game. My categories (easy, intermediate, difficult) are roughly based on how hard it will be for a beginner to find resources/food, move around, and find shelter at the start location during the first few days.

Starting on lush plains with forests? Easy!
Starting at the bottom of a treeless valley? Difficult.
Starting on top of the highest tree, surrounded by wolves? … Intermediate. (No complaining! YOU HAVE A TREE!)

City Building Challenges

Minecraft villages provide you with food and shelter, but your mere presence attracts mobs. NPCs have no defenses against zombies and, as a result, the village you stay in could die out in a week. Can you reward the villagers’ hospitality and prevent that? Yes! Light up the place, build city walls, set up monster traps, build stables, and plow farmland.

You will notice that Villagers plant and harvest vegetables on any farmlands within villages. While you build more zombie-save housing, they tend crops. After a certain number of vegetables and houses (i.e. doors) are present in a village, villagers start multiplying. Simply increase the size and security of a village, and you can watch it grow and prosper.

City Building is a creative long-running mini-game, and also suitable for beginners who enjoy building.

Easy Village Mission: Horsing around in Horsington

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -1159117477290614370
  • Your situation: You start in a large horse traders’ village in the plains with a library and blacksmith.
  • Your Surroundings: Continental plains, caves, forests, and swamps full of resources (such as slimes to craft leashes) are close by. Deserts, savannas, and oceans are over 2km away.
  • Your challenge: If you enjoy breeding horses, look no further: These villagers have practically all colors of horses, plus donkeys! They need a bit of help with farming however. Grow the population, keep out zombies, and protect the horse stables from creepers. Then make the villagers work as farmhands for you, while you go for horseback rides.

Medium Village Mission: Unite Porkville

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: 2747445053228389581
  • Your situation: You start on lush plains with three villages a stone’s throw from each other! Vegetables, library, church, blacksmith, lots of pigs and other farm animals are easily found.
  • Your surroundings: Plains surrounded by forests, mountains, taigas, and inland oceans. Swamps and deserts are rare and about 1km away.
  • Your challenge: It may be a bit time-intensive, but it will be rewarding: Set up defenses and build city walls and new houses between the three villages, until they merge, and grow one huge prosperous city! Bonus challenge: Attract a golem into your village.

Medium Village Mission: Fortify Sheepham

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: 3906430579344617764
  • Your situation: You start in a prosperous village with fields, a church, library, and blacksmith, lots of sheep and all kinds of farm animals. The downside? The village stands on top of several shallow caves full of angry mobs. The Upside? At least there’s cool natural gravel stairways leading down to your doom.
  • Your surroundings: Nice variety of biomes within reach. Plains, forests, and ocean on one side; large deserts, savannas, and pretty mesas on the other. Swamps are rare and over 1km away.
  • Your challenge: Secure and grow the village. Build mob traps in the caves.

Difficult Village Mission: Cultivate the Desert Oasis

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 Seed: -7184741135147749929
  • Your situation: You start in a small farming village with flowers, pigs, sheep, acacias, and cacti, next to the coolest skyscraping mountain I have ever seen.
  • Your surroundings: Savanna, a few groves — and endless dessert. Forests, taigas, ocean, and swamps are all over 1km away.
  • Your challenge: With somewhat limited resources, can you turn this quaint village into a fortified, bustling Las Vegas?

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