Difficult Minecraft Seeds – Extreme Survival!

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Starting in safe villages and fertile plains in Minecraft makes you yawn? Then you need these Extreme Survival seeds! From day one, they drop you into oceans, abandon you in deserts, lose you in jungles, or starve you in ice plains… o_O

Extreme Survival Challenges

These rare starting locations are challenging because you need to survive in vast, uniform, barren, unfriendly biomes: You can’t just „walk over to the plains“. You have to deal with limited resources, lack of food options, crops destroyed by freezing water, no animals (no wool for beds!), or rough terrain.

Playing these seeds in survival mode is relatively difficult. What I call “easy extreme survival” will be hard for Minecraft beginners — and a lot of fun for an advanced player. Role-play a survival story in a themed setting, or even extreme survival co-op with some buddies! Let’s hope you have experience making shelters and charcoal, fishing and farming, and creative uses of spider string…

Tip: Create the game in creative mode, place some mysterious signs, and hide treasure chests in the most hardcore location (e.g. on an ice spike). Hide signed books with life-saving spoilers and treasure maps in chests in interesting locations close to the starting point. Then switch to survival (or adventure mode) and start a multiplayer game.

Mission: Difficult Desert Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -4369862195398617814
  • Your situation: Island. Desert. Cacti. *eye twitches* Six wheat seeds. Sandstone. No wood. *eye twitches* This is the evilest (scariest) start location I can imagine. :-D
  • Spoilers: There’s a collapsed surface dungeon near the start. Explore what’s east right across the little bay from the start location… Explore the tiny islands northwest, and southwest, of the start location. Also one of the treeless north-western islands has a mineshaft below. This is survivable! If you’re fed up with sand, explore the continent in the south-west.

Mission: Easy Mesa Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: 8370819764096523522
  • Your situation: You start on top of a mesa peninsula. A clay desert with no animals, surrounded by an ocean, but at least your mesa plateau comes with trees, grass, and water.
  • Spoilers: The swamp in the west connects the mesa to more civilised lands, and a friendly mooshroom island awaits the curious adventurer across the ocean to the east.

Mission: Medium Mesa Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -6588534024171206345
  • Your situation: You start in the valley of a huge picturesque continental mesa. There is trees and grass, somewhere up there.
  • Spoilers: If this mesa gives you cabin fever, head 1km south east: You will have to cross a spiky bryce mesa inside the main mesa, until you come across a birch forest and finally plains. There’s a beautiful little farming village at a natural harbour, a ravine, and a hard-to-find stronghold.

Mission: Difficult Mesa Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -846515491861754350
  • Your situation: You start in a huge picturesque continental mesa, at the edge of a river valley. There is some blades of grass and one tree. :-)
  • Spoilers: If you’re desperate for wood, climb the plateau south from the start location. In the long term, prepare yourself for a long trip north, across an in-mesa lake and through a beautiful bryce, to reach a swamp and extreme hills. Or prepare yourself for a long trip east, past another bryce, through deserts and savannas, for a chance to find two beautifully located desert temples, and small plains with a friendly village.

Mission: Medium Island Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -2418605763386107003
  • Your situation: You start on a tiny island with grass, no trees, and a handful of pigs.
  • Spoilers: Swim north and east overall to find small islands with trees and plains. Further north-east you’ll eventually come across a life-saving Mooshroom island. Don’t forget your soup bowl.

Mission: Difficult Island Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: 1801079296083022203
  • Your situation: You start out drowning next to a tree-less desert island. Fish shoot you with lasers. Great. Just great. :-|
  • Spoilers: From the start point, first swim north to grab some trees. 1km east from there is a beautiful island with Mooshrooms, continued by a desert, and leading to a small forest with cozy plains. A survival fairytale!

Mission: Medium Jungle Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -7672495913189343608
  • Your situation: You start out in the middle of a large mountainous jungle. The good news? There’s grass, cocoa, melons, animals, jungle temples, and an endless supply of wood. The bad news? Jungles are exhausting and confusing to navigate, and aggressive mobs survive in the shade during daytime.
  • Spoilers: Best direction for an easier life (i.e. plains) is south.

Mission: Medium Ice Taiga Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -7737005355040326451
  • Your situation: You start on ice plains, between ice spikes and a cold taiga. High mountains, deep caves, frozen lakes, grass, trees, pumpkins, and a blade of sugarcane. Maybe you’ll meet a wolf, but I’m still hoping for chickens.
  • Spoilers: Best direction for more comfortable long-term survival (i.e. a cozy plains village with a farm and animals) is north-east.

Mission: Difficult Ice Plains Survival

  • Your Minecraft 1.8 seed: -7213637072292167171
  • Your situation: You start at an icy bay, with a few trees, grass, a blade of sugarcane, and mountains. After an arduous 1.5km track north through the snow, you encounter a cold taiga with a cold heart full of cold ice spikes.
  • Spoilers: Best direction for long-term survival (read: plains) is west, but that would be boring.

Tip: Not extreme enough? Create your extreme survival game with world types “Large Biomes” or “Amplified”! A “Large Biome” world is scaled wider, which means it’s unlikely that you will ever reach another biome on foot. An “Amplified” world is scaled taller, which means… um, well… look for yourself. :-D In contrast, in a “Default” world you always still have the option to just walk a bit if you need to import goods from neighbouring biomes to civilise the heck out of this place.

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