Capture Live Video from JME3 Games

Posted by admin on August 14th, 2011 filed in jMonkeyEngine, Open Source

You have created a cool demo or video game and want to post a video — and you quickly realize that screen recording software slows down the running application while recording. In a video game, this either results in jagged video with skipped frames, or jagged performance with low accuracy (e.g. the physics simulation accidentally drops objects through the floor). Bummer!

But hey, you wonder, isn’t each rendered frame already one high-quality frame of your future video? If you only could output these frames (not only to the screen, but also) to a file…

So a smart man by the name of Robert McIntyre took the bull by the horns and found one way to solve this problem: He hacked JMonkeyEngine’s built-in timer and cheated the engine into believing that time had slowed down enough so it would always have enough time to calculate full-accuracy, high-quality video, and at the same time, write the video to an output file. Of course this flexible time hack slows down the game sometimes (you woudn’t keep the recording running all day while playing) — but it always results in constant-framerate high-quality output.

Read more on how to Capture Live Video Feeds from JMonkeyEngine on Robert’s home page.

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