A Book for jMonkeyEngine Beginners

Posted by admin on July 3rd, 2013 filed in Development, Games, Java, jMonkeyEngine, Open Source, Technical Writing

Are you new to 3D game development with Java and looking for a book (or ebook) to get you started? Get the jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner’s Guide, it’s approved by leading jMonkeys! :-)

jmonkeyengine book

This book will introduce you to game development including the multi-media art pipeline (how to integrate 3D models and audio), but it doesn’t focus on how to create the artwork (whole books have been written on that already).

The book includes lots of sample code and it assumes that the reader already has experience with Java. By experience I mean, you should know the standard Java API, and concepts such as inheritance, serialization, modularization, and threading before attempting to write a 3D game. jME3 is not a drag-and-drop MMORPG toy generator (although we will claim that every year on April 1st until people stop asking)…! :-P

There is also an extra chapter about the networking API (we call it SpiderMonkey) that you receive as a download after buying the book.

Rumour has it that the final release of jME3 is coming up soon! Or, well, at least they’re already discussing “funny” release names and logos on the forum… :-) Stay tuned!

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