Instant Promotion to Senior VP Boss, Dude!

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Um. So. Yeah. Last weekend, I might have become a (temporary stand-in replacement) admin on a minecraft server… I swear I have no idea how that happened!

I was in IRC asking something about Minecraft adventure maps, and something I said prompted another guy to invite me to his multiplayer server. Might it have been the “I don’t like griefing” part? ;) Nobody else was playing, which was fine by me. I just ran around and played the first in-game week of Survival, expecting that the server would be reset soon anyway. I set myself the goal to build a modern-looking house inside a mountain cave with glass facades that use all dyes.

The server seemed to have only a handful users. Later, the owner logged on, talked to me a bit, saw my house, and declared me server admin. Um, okay? :D I’ll totally try that at work next week: “Hi!” — “Hi.” — “This is my minecraft house.” — “INSTANT PROMOTION TO SENIOR VP BOSS, DUDE!!1!1” — “Really?” — “NO.” — *sadface*

minecraft house from outside
The cave house I built in survival. I had to travel quite far to gather all colors to dye the windows and banners. Speaking of which, custom banners and shields are cooool.

minecraft inside base with dog and cactus hat
Inside the cave house with Dog, the dog. Behold, it is I, Cactus Face, the defender of bunnies! Nah, just kidding, I turn them into stew.

minecraft biome border snow rain
The cave house is on the border between two biomes. Through the left window, I see snow, and at the same time, through the right window, rain.

Minecraft Animals:

minecraft a horse named dinnerbone
This is what happens if you name a horse “dinnerbone”!! In other news: Don’t waste name tags by naming other people’s horses dinnerbone.

minecraft chicken boat swamp
Why… is there… a chicken in my boat?? Again? After I just kicked out two slimes!? The new 1.9 boats are a huge gameplay improvement. :-D

minecraft dog detected underground mobs
Is this a new behaviour? Dog the dog stopped, pointed at one spot, and didn’t move. I dug down, and there was a tiny cave with skeletons, right below the spot underground.

Multiplayer Creative:

minecraft dinosaur fossil
After you have explored and looted everything, the next level of Minecraft addiction has been reached, when you start refilling treasure chests, and building fossils and fortresses with hidden passages, for other Survival players to explore.

minecraft creative mall
This is a “shopping mall” me and another player built in Creative. I promise I did not purposefully make it look like the Berlin Reichstag! XD

minecraft embassy of romulan star empire
Part of a crazy fun 2-player village building session in Creative. If you have built a house as crooked as a crashed Warbird, simply attach a sign saying “Embassy of the Romulan Star Empire”, et voila! In other news, we built a huge library. Out of bookshelves. *brain explodes*

minecraft floating towers
Another 2-player building effort in Creative: Towers with burning tentacles that float on broken islands above the void. Muhahaha.

Multiplayer Survival:

minecraft battle
So, I died fighting this skeleton, right? And I respawned and tried to get my inventory back, and a zombie picked up a creeper head, and wore it on his head, and then he got caught in the skele’s friendly fire, and turned against the skele, armed with nothing but a piece of dirt, but then the skele picked up my enchanted bow, and… ugh. Just another day in Minecraftia. X)

minecraft exploration desert temple horse donkey
This pic captures what exploration in Minecraft is like: You ride your horse across the desert, your donkey’s saddlebags full of loot, and then you spot temple ruins under the sand. (See them?)

minecraft fortress
Another player and I built this well-equipped mountain fortress in Survival.

minecraft here lies herobrine
The fortress even has a church and a graveyard. Wait… is Herobrine’s grave… open? O_O

minecraft redstone engineer
I met a real redstone engineer at work! :) Daaang. My redstone setups always short-circuit…

minecraft water wheat farm
Another player built this automatic wheat farm in Survival, and I helped plant the seeds. After the wheat has grown, you pull a lever, which releases water, that flushes the wheat into chests at the bottom of the farm. The second half of automation is finding a wuss to plant seeds for you. … … Hold on a second!? ;-)

minecraft what other players built
A great example of houses that previous minecraft players have built and abandonded in the multiplayer world.

minecraft nether is spooky
On the one hand, the Nether is spooky… On the other hand, I do need Alchemy ingredients…

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